Vitalist Retreat Testimonials

“Life-changing techniques were shared that were easily digestible and readily applicable to nearly every situation of my life. Jeffery and Swirl hold a strong and knowledgeable presence.” 

Jonathan Valdman, CEO 

Few words can describe the value that the  Vitalist Retreat brought to my life as it is still unfolding now many seasons later and in many ways. 

Maria Herrera, consultant

Jeffrey and Swirl’s guidance is truly hands on with the level of intention and care put towards creating an environment that allows for true transformation. 

This week has literally been, hands down, the most peak experience of my life! I am going to put it in my pocket and keep it close to me forever. 

Chelsea Rose, MFT

The genius combination of sacred space, soul shaking exercises, hands on transformation and ecstatic human connection is next level. 

Moving Back Into Balance Immersion Testimonials 

“I’m feeling the strength and integrity in my spine. My back has improved in a really nice way!”

Isaac, designer, business owner

“ I am waking up feeling really good in my body instead of the usual creaks and pinches I used to experience getting out of bed in the morning. Feeling grateful and good in my body.”

“I’m sleeping like a baby for the first time in over a decade and my lower back pain is dissolving by the day.”

– Steve Smith, author 70 years old:

“Am sleeping better, eating healthier, getting more exercise and gaining mental clarity, and generally happier moods” 

“Each time I do EDGU, I’m getting better sleep and I feel a lot more energized in the morning.”

Danielle Bankes, bodyworker

Yogis have a saying, “Your age is not determined by years but by the health of your spine.” EDGU is the simplest, easiest, and most effective method I’ve found to maintain a flexible and vigorous spine anywhere and anytime. For a truly inspired EDGU experience, there are few who have the embodied expression and passion of Vitalist.

Jonathan Collier, Consultant, Author


“I recently attended a training with Jeffrey and Swirl. They are great instructors who created a fun, and easy to follow experience. I felt tended to and taken care of during the training which is very important doing this type of inner work. They did a great job of holding the space in a way that myself and the other participants felt a real sense of community. As we all moved through the EDGU sequence together we bonded through our inner journeys and moving through old blocks and into self-love. EDGU is not only about the many physical benefits you receive from the movements, it’s also about self-connection and self-love. I’m so grateful for this training and look forward to more EDGU experiences held by the fantastic Vitalist Team!!”

Alexandra Frishman, Small Business Owner, Farmer:


“Just what the doctor ordered! This class was perfect and exactly what I have been looking to find. I would highly recommend his class if you have any stiffness or reduced flexibility.“

Dayna Rekieta, super mom

 “I’ve been practicing yoga and meditation for years but it has not been doing what I need it to do in these stressful times. EDGU did it, it worked for both my body and mind”

Jordan Hoffman, DC 

“This class is a gift. I feel more grounded than I have in months…years? Who is counting? Because Now, I am more in now. Thank you!“

Yoyo Ray, artist 

“I recommend this immersion for anyone who wants to improve spinal health and learn a fun interactive movement meditation to share with friends.”

Meg West, writer

Blog written by an attendee: Meg West, writer


Evolutionary Embodiment Testimonials

“I was so beat down by my life and felt like I was a victim to everything. Working with Jeffrey & Swirl helped me see the rest of the picture and gave me the power to stand up in my beauty, with my gifts like never before. My husband and kids felt like they were watching a hero in a movie. Thanks a million!”

Kimberly Carville, Real Estate Agent 

“The work you facilitated at the Esalen workshop I attended was incredibly powerful and has stuck with me and truly informed my life. I’ve gone back and done the values evaluation several times now, and it has really helped me align and recalibrate when I’m feeling disconnected, confused, or altogether lost. Thank you, again.”

Krystal Barschig, Somatic Therapist 

Julianne Kanzaki, MPH, RDN, Founder of the Kanzaki Method:

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