We catalyze and inspire people to take responsibility for their lives in order to consciously transform and evolve.


An inspiring pair of galactivated transformation artists on a mission to empower others to live truly aligned, meaningful and vital lives that make a beneficial impact on the world.

These rainbow rangers connected through a friend that wanted Swirl to experience Jeffrey’s work in 2012. Since then they have traveled and taught self-responsible vitalistic lifestyle and trained teachers in transformation arts. They take people to sacred places where water flows and nature sings, utilizing their unique methods in order to access the sacred within and bring  forth their unique brilliance and express it into their lives like a flowing river.

We are the Vitalists, Jeffrey Williams and Swirl Jordan Moore. We help people discover and acknowledge their brilliance within their source centered selves; then by embracing both support and challenge, loving the unique value they find within.

Our path out of suffering is no longer than the length of time it takes to come into alignment. 

Our Story

While at a Thai Massage training in 2012 Swirl was repeatedly asked by another student if she knew Jeffrey Williams. On the fourth time, she thought to herself, “maybe I should.” She had the person schedule her and her partner an appointment with him. When they arrived at his Lifestyles of Light office, there was a spark of recognition, a sense of a kindred spirit. He shared things about stress, the brain, spine and physiology that instantly resonated with her. He said that we were born with everything we need to thrive. He shared the alignment process and some EDGU with her and her partner and she thought to herself, “this is my guy.” No, it was not like that, but what she knew then was that she needed to learn everything she could from him.     

Jeffrey recognized immediately that Swirl was someone that was hungry to learn and experience for herself what she could do to transform her pain and share it with others. He did not expect her to advance so quickly in learning the work he shared but was happy that she was a brilliant practitioner and teacher and wanted to show up to help. She became “the scribe.” Recording his transmissions onto white boards in the form of key points and outlines. The mission alignment was there from the beginning. After going through a difficult divorce, in 2019 Jeffrey arrived to teach the annual EDGU Training and when Swirl arrived, it was as if he was seeing her through different eyes. The captain of the EDGU crew saw his Sparkle Dakini. He realized life had set him up in the most beautiful way that could only be experienced by going through tragic heartbreak first.  His heart was cracked open just wide enough to let the sparkle in. Swirl was tentative, not wanting to risk their friendship, nor their shared mission to inspire, transform and empower every human they met. As the beauty of the EDGU week unfolded, the story of a new type of love emerged and they both leaned into the dream being dreamt. They stepped into a type of spiritual mission partnership that only two cosmonauts can, they compliment each other’s gifts and bring forth a balanced transmission of masculine and feminine energy to uplift all those they meet so that everyone can shine their light, share their gifts and live an empowered vital life.

Become a Rainbow Ranger

A rainbow ranger is someone who actively participates in their own conscious evolution to light up their true colors and shine bright into the world.