Live aligned.

Welcome to Vitalist Life

We catalyze and inspire people who want to take responsibility for their well being to release stress, rejuvenate their bodies and re-mission their souls in order to consciously evolve.


An inspiring pair of galactivated transformation artists on a mission to empower others to live truly aligned, meaningful and vital lives that make a beneficial impact on the world. These rainbow rangers connected through a friend that wanted Swirl to experience Jeffrey’s work in 2012. Since then they have traveled and taught self-responsible vitalistic lifestyle and trained teachers in transformation arts. They take people to sacred places where water flows and nature sings, utilizing their unique methods in order to access the sacred within and bring forth their unique brilliance and express it into their lives like a flowing river.

We are the Vitalists, Jeffrey Williams and Swirl Jordan Moore. We help people discover and acknowledge their brilliance within their source centered selves; then by embracing both support and challenge, loving the unique value they find within. Our path out of suffering is no longer than the length of time it takes to come into alignment.


Evolutionary Embodiment

Unlock your most powerful gifts, align your body, heart and mind with what you love the most

Moving Back Into Balance
7-Week Immersion

Activate your mind and body to get out of stress and into alignment.

Vitalist Retreat

A life-changing series of peak experiences that shake the soul and deliver true transformation


Jeffrey Williams

For the past 20+ years, Jeffrey has immersed himself in learning about the capabilities of the human body through rigorous study and application of traditional and modern wellness systems from all over the world .  Jeffrey is a transformation artist with a unique ability to guide people from all walks of life through a full spectrum of high-impact human empowerment teachings; his work incorporates bodywork, sound, breath, values, movement, and more.  His coaching and training programs are offered to inspire and empower people to take their health into their own hands.

Swirl Jordan Moore

Swirl Jordan Moore is a lifestyle transformation coach and multifaceted holistic and bodywork practitioner who combines a deep breadth of knowledge in multiple healing modalities with an intimate understanding of holistic pain management. When a series of diagnoses uncovered spinal issues that threatened her quality of life, she embarked on a multi year journey where she discovered how to manage and reduce her own pain.  Her ability to heal herself and transform her life finally led her on a mission to do the same for others. Today, Swirl empowers her clients by teaching them methods to reduce their pain and enabling them to live a full life.


With a combined 30 years of research, experience and application, Jeffrey and Swirl bring the most effective and immediate practices, tools and experiences that transform our lives into the most inspired and fulfilling experience possible. The Vitalists offer a potent and individuated synthesis of the most effective teachings from all over the world to bring clarity of mind and aliveness in body.

Over the years, as a synthesis of the most critical and effective means of staying vital and evolving was developed, it became clear this was something new, yet grounded in the tried and true.  

This was a Vitalist Approach. It acknowledges the wisdom and vital forces of the body, and at the same time enhances the body function through diminishing stress, tension,  and distortion from the body and its systems.  

Simultaneously, a Vitalist accesses the mental motors that are driving you through your life, your unique motivations and inspirations.  By freeing the body to live with more vitality and resilience and aligning the mind to what is most important to you, you come alive in your amazing life, your creation.

We guide you to become aware of whatever is going on in your life:

  • Your physical symptoms 
  • Your relationship problems
  • Your mental stress-load
  • Your view of the world

And to see these “symptoms” as intelligent feedback indicating something is out of balance, off center.


  • First step, RETREAT to your center, to what you actually care about and find important and fulfilling


  • Then, REPATTERN with movement, breathing, and expressing to increase clarity, inspiration and vitality


  • Finally, REVITALIZE your life by taking responsibility for the quality of how you fill your days so that you stay aligned to your mission and fulfilled in your heart.


We have found that keeping all human aspects in balance through the Vitalist Spiral empowers and inspires individuals and organizations to thrive. All the Vitalist Stress Transformation Systems(STS): Alignment process, intuitive bodywork, INU, EDGU, Trainings, Vitalist retreats, organ rejuvenation cleanse (with products), sacred plant based meditation practices, values alignment process, vital lifestyle coaching, nutritional consulting, Breathwork, Sound healing, Core strength Empowerment; take each of these areas of the Vitalist Spiral into account to help maintain balance and authenticity. 

Chronic back pain runs rampant in today’s modern sedentary societies. Fortunately, there is EDGU ~ a self-empowering Evolutionary Spinal Maintenance practice that gently exercises the intervertebral disks to maintain their inherent cushioning and pliability. Happy spines contribute to happy minds.

Become a Rainbow Ranger

A rainbow ranger is someone who actively participates in their own conscious evolution to light up their true colors and shine bright into the world.